Infant Acne – It’s Not A Big Deal

Yes, you think that your baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, as you should. It is, therefore, understandable that you might panic if you see your child’s skin getting blemished with the pimples, but don’t let that panic stir you into acting unwisely. Most often, this kind of development is just a case of infant acne.

“Just” a case of infant acne: do remember that! While teenagers think it is the worst curse in the world, acne in infants is a harmless condition. It comes and goes without you needing to do anything about it. It’s not painful, your baby does not know about it, and so you do not need to lose your sleep over it!

Why did it happen to my baby, and when will it go?

Infant AcneThe most commonly held belief is that infant acne occurs because of the excessive hormones that are present in your baby’s system (from the time he was in your womb), leaving his body.

Looked at from this point of view, it is beneficial. Your baby is getting cleansed!

Now, you can complain that your neighbor’s baby still looks like a peach while yours has erupted pimples all over his face.

Every baby does not have acne because every baby does not respond to these hormones in a similar fashion.

Sweaty and hot babies tend to get it a little more, as do babies that cry and dribble too much.

Here’s the best news: Infant acne clears up all by itself within a few months! Most often, three months from the time the acne has appeared, it will start disappearing.

Some babies have the acne for up to six months, but this is no undue cause for worry. It is only if your baby seems to be in pain or if the acne spreads alarmingly fast or persists for more than half a year that you need to approach a doctor.

What not to do and what to do?

Toddler acne cure is not similar to the cures for teenagers who suffer from the same. It is not dirt or unhealthy food that is causing this condition. So washing your baby’s face again and again, using anti acne drugs on its face, or, bursting the pimples will simply not do. What you can do, is to let it be.

However, there are some tips for making it easier for your baby.

  • Keep his face clean and dry. Don’t let moisture or milk stay on his face for too long. Wipe that drool off whenever you can!
  • Wear clothes which are made of soft fabric. You want to cuddle your baby and show him all your love, but if what you’re wearing is rough, the irritation of the cloth rubbing against your baby’s sensitive skin can exacerbate the acne.
  • Use the mildest baby soap for your baby’s face. Wash once a day, and do not scrub. Please remember – acne will not disappear if you scrub it hard enough!
  • Most importantly, be patient. At the most, it might mar the family pictures for three months. There will be no other damage. Don’t jump to conclusions and end up harming your baby more. The best infant acne treatment is: relax and let the condition clear itself out.


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