How To Protect Your Child From Newborn Baby Diapers Rash?

How many times do you have to wake up at night to change the newborn baby diapers? And how many times are you awakened by your baby’s cry when he feels uncomfortable with his newborn baby diapers. When your baby is having a discomfort with his diapers, it causes a lot of distress to both parents and babies.

Baby diaper rash may be brought about by certain reactions of your baby’s skin to the quality of newborn baby diapers you are using or reaction to urine and stool when they come in contact to the skin.

It is an irritation to the part of the baby’s skin covered initially by newborn baby diapers.

Regardless of how the skin rash is brought about, we cannot deny the fact that its total discomfort does not pay off whatever the comfort the newborn baby diapers bring to you and your baby.

There are ways to prevent diaper rash and stress at the same time.

  • The most effective way to prevent diaper rash is keeping the baby’s skin dry. Redness and irritation usually occurs when the skin is covered for a long period of time while it is wet. Keeping it clean and dry prevents microorganisms to dwell which mostly are attracted to moist and dirty areas.
  • From the word itself, diaper rash is caused mainly by newborn diapers. If you can at least avoid using newborn baby diapers in a period of time that means you limit the use of it when it is not necessary. Using newborn baby diapers frequently is keeping the skin of your baby covered all the time and creates moist.
  • Wipes are sometimes a big help for convenience when cleaning the baby. However, most often, it even irritates the skin of your baby because it contains chemicals that are not suited for your baby’s skin. You may choose soft cloth to clean the affected area instead.
  • Cleaning the skin of your baby with warm water really helps. It lessens discomforts for your baby.
  • Using powder might also help. You might need to check on the most hypoallergenic powder though. Using powder lessens friction when your baby is using a newborn baby diaper, thus preventing redness and irritation.
  • If you cannot avoid using newborn baby diapers, check on the most suited diapers for your babies which are available in the market. You may also consider its size to that of your baby.
  • It is always recommended to avoid plastics pants. It locks in moisture and creates an environment for microorganisms.
  • As parents are worried about their babies, babies are primarily the ones affected by diaper rash. When diaper rash becomes uncontrollable and cannot be treated in simple ways, you may consult your paediatrician to give the baby proper medications in serious cases.
  • The secret to preventing diaper rash is simply keeping the skin dry. Babies should enjoy these years more than the stress diapers cause to them. You can now say goodbye to baby diaper rash and sleep better at night.


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