How To Naturally Calm Your Newborn?

newborn1Your newborn may be fussy and he may cry for a variety of reasons: he may have swallowed too much air when he was feeding, or he may be over stimulated with too many people visiting, or he may be plain irritated.

He may cry non-stop, and refuse to be calmed down.

What do you do? How do you go about calming down and bringing some peace into the household again?

Here are some recommended tips for you:

  • The very first thing you can do is this: hold your baby close to you. A touch works wonders, especially if it a mother’s, and when you hold your baby close, he will get that warm and cosy cared feeling. Talk to him softly, and massage [Baby Massage] his body gently. This will soothe him down considerably.
  • Remove all excess stimuli, if possible. For instance, turn off the television, switch off too bright lights, and turn down the volume on your music system.
  • Remember; every baby is different, and what may have worked for your sister’s brother-in-law’s child may not work for yours. It is up to you to find out what exactly will calm your baby down, and act accordingly. Perhaps your baby is the outdoor type, and he may like a walk. Or, he may like to watch the images on television better. Or, perhaps your voice will calm him down, and if you talk and sing to him while rocking him, it will soothe him down.
  • Many babies know when their mothers are stressed out or tensed, and their irritability may be a direct response to this. If you feel that you are not able to calm your baby enough, and that you have been working yourself up into a stitch about it, hand the baby over to someone else for a few minutes. This will help you regain your momentum, so that you can take over again with more enthusiasm. On the other hand, you must take some time to pamper yourself, and yourself alone. This will not only help you cope with your newborn baby and the pressures associated with it, but the calm you will feel after a bout of pampering will also convey itself to your baby, directly. He will be a calm baby.
  • Know your baby, and know why he cries, how often he cries, and what will help calm him better than other methods. Of course, you have to try several methods to know what is best, but all the same, this is something that will come with experience.


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