How To Make Your Baby Smile Constantly?

One fine day, I was literally at my wit’s end, having run out of ideas on how to keep my baby entertained and SMILING!

Not knowing what else to do, I picked up my cranky baby and took him to my pantry. What the hell, I thought to myself; he will find something to entertain himself in here!

I gave him two bowls, and some dried peas. He grabbed them, and started to transfer them, one at a time, from one bowl to the other.

You may not believe me when I say this, but it is true, my son spent at least an hour that day, smiling and happy, playing in the pantry!

If you are one mother like me, and you have reached the end of your ideas for keeping your baby smiling, here are a few for you.

These are ideas that other mothers have used, and they have been tried and tested and have proved to be great entertainers for toddlers [Toddler Activities] and young children.

Ideas for keeping your baby smiling

  • Smile at your baby whenever you see chance to; he will reciprocate, and this will make the two of you happier and bring more sunshine into your lives!
  • Make silly faces at your baby; he will love it, and it will make him smile non-stop!
  • Make up silly songs and rhymes while playing with your baby.
  • Walk your fingers up and down his body while you sing to him, this will make him smile automatically!
  • Pick him up, swing him around gently, and toss him up and down: all these are guaranteed to bring happy smiles to both your faces!
  • Take him for a walk outdoors; the sunshine and the breeze outside will help lighten anyone’s heart and bring smiles!
  • You can make up small, silly games that both of you can play together, when your baby is a little older and has better eye-hand coordination: pass a small stuffed toy to each other, sing and dance to a favorite rhythm, generally jump around and act silly.
  • The great outdoors is a place where you can find hours of entertainment and happiness for your toddler. You can play active games here, like running and catching, hopping, skipping, or jumping and laugh and smile to your heart’s content.

No matter what you do, remember, it does not take much to bring a smile to your baby’s face, but it is up to you to make sure that the smile remains there, constantly, and forever!


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