How To Make Teething For Babies Fun?

One of the most difficult and terrible times in an infant or baby’s life stage would be the teething stage and it is hard to take care of teething babies. In this specific stage, an infant or baby would really experience unusual and annoying symptoms that would horrify and post challenge to a parent.

teething for babiesA parent should not worry at all if they have teething babies. This stage in the child’s life is nothing but common, normal, and is experienced by majority of the parents as well.

As the baby’s few tiny teeth would erupt, some inevitable bodily symptoms would most likely be evident and felt by babies and would cause an alarm to parents. You may check on help books to know how to care for teething babies.

The common initial reactions of parents would be to panic and be fearful with their teething babies. One would often rush his or baby immediately to a hospital or a pediatrician to rule out the problem and to get serious and right treatment with the problem. It is nothing but a normal usual thing true to most over the parents.

As a parent, do not over react when you see something wrong with your teething babies. Your baby or infant is plainly fine. It is just a teething stage. Some babies would seem ill or sick during this stage. Some babies would look and seem healthy as if nothing new is happening. Teething babies would make them feel the need to grind and bite something between their gums or a new erupting teeth.

Some parents might even wonder as to why their teething babies would bite and chew anything. Babies would salivate extremely during this stage. So, let us lessen the burden for the babies. As this stage comes natural and common to all, it would be better to make this stage as enjoyable and memorable to both the infant and the mother or father.

How to help your teething babies?

  • In order to help and relieve the discomfort of this teething for babies’ stage, a parent should provide a teether. A teether is made of a rubber silicon material that is safe for the baby or infant even chewed or placed in the mouth. There are various designs of these teethers sold at department stores on baby section. Teether for teething babies can be a great help.
  • Aside from the normal teether, you may opt to use teething toys. Here are some examples:
    • Teething rings – teething rings works best when cold since it eases their sore gums.
    • Teething dolls – These dolls usually have teething material on them that can help your child go through the pain of teething.
    • Massaging teethers – These toys produce vibrations which could help ease the pain your teething babies are going through.
  • Since your children are normally in their cribs, you might as well do something with their cribs while they are teething. You may place a teething rail on their crib so that they can enjoy teething while at their cribs.
  • You can use teething biscuits as well. This way they can enjoy teething as much as they enjoy eating. Choose the biscuits with different shapes and designs to make it more appealing to the child.


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