How To Make Fun And Safe Baby Bath?

Baby BathBaby bath time is the special time of bonding for you and your baby.

Bath time is the time to play gently, talk and sing with your baby.

Prepare everything before you start bathing your baby.

This makes baby bath easier and safer.

Preparing for your baby bath:

The list of things you have to prepare for baby bath include, water, washcloth, alcohol pads, bath towel, clean diaper, any items you routinely use during a diaper change and fresh clothes. For little circumcised boys you have to use Vaseline and gauze squares during the diaper change.

Fill the baby bath tub with warm water about five inches or enough to allow your baby to settle in the water with his shoulders well covered. Always test the water with your wrist or elbow. The water should comfortably warm but not too hot i.e. about 38 degrees centigrade. Make sure you have everything you need for your baby bath.

You can use gentle pH-neutral cleaners or mild soap and cotton balls designed especially for baby bath. Use special baby wash and baby shampoo, it is better to use natural ones with calendula oils. Do not use regular soaps and shampoos since they can be too harsh or drying.

Babies loose body heat very quickly, so make sure the room is warm. Set the room temperature in between 75-80 degree Fahrenheit. Cover with a cloth after the baby bath to keep her warm.

Never leave your baby alone in the baby bath tub for some situations such as to answer the phone and to respond to the doorbell. If you do these things pick up your baby and carry her with you.

How to bath your baby?

  • Gently hold your baby’s head in one hand and remove the clothes with the other hand.
  • Your baby needs sponge bath at first until the umbilical cord is fallen off. After that your baby can have a tub bath.
  • Use moist cotton balls or cotton pads to gently wipe your baby’s eyes before you place her in the tub. Give support to your baby’s head when she is in the tub.
  • Use a clean and damp wash cloth, without soap, to wash your baby’s face. Gently wash the outside and back of each ear and wash and dry under her neck. Gently wash the crevices in her neck, elbows, and knees; and in between her fingers and toes.
  • It is good idea to wash a newborn’s hair at the end of the bath time. This helps to prevent his or her from loosing too much body heat.
  • You can wash the head of a newborn with a sponge, who do not have much hair.
  • All the babies dislikes in getting their eyes wet. Tip the head of your baby back and wash from the front to back while bathing. This helps to avoid getting water in your baby’s eyes.
  • By using soap or a baby shampoo wash your baby’s head and scalp very gently. After that rinse with a damp cloth.
  • After that wash her body, starting with the chest. Rinse her with a wash cloth. Always keep your baby covered and warm when she is wet.

Don’t over bath your baby, because the overuse of strong cleaners and even tap water can damage the developing skin of newborns.


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