How To Make A Fun And Joyful Child Birthday Party?

Child Birthday PartyAre you planning to celebrate your child birthday party?

First you have to decide to give child birthday party at home or at some unique location.

After that you have to decide the things like decoration, party favors, party theme ideas, games, activities, foods and drinks.

Celebrate your child birthday part with his favorite foods and friends. Here are some of the things you have to consider to make your child birthday party [Children’s Birthday Party & Event Rentals] more memorable:

Decoration ideas for child birthday party:

Decorate the party with your child preferences. What are their favorite game, place, color, TV show, and animal? Select a theme that is simple.

For instance, if you pick pink, then decorate with balloons, flowers and streamers all in pink shades. Replace the white bulbs with pink ones.

Decorate the dining area. Cover the party room chairs with a pink fabric over the seat and back. Use lots of little card labels and cover them with bright table clothes.

Child birthday party favors:

Use small notebooks, small pencil boxes, mini crayon sets, and small decks of cards as birthday party favors. Add stickers, glow-in-the-dark rubber balls, candy, temporary tattoos, cars and hair barrettes to fill out the favor bags.

Theme ideas for child birthday party:

Stay with a theme. Some of the party themes to make your little one’s day more memorable are:

  • Character theme party
  • Picnic party
  • Animal theme party
  • Treasure hunt party
  • Bowling party
  • Beach party
  • Around the world theme party

Child birthday party games and activities:

Ask your child what they would like to play at their party. You can either purchase pre-prepared party games or adapt a traditional party game.

You can introduce some fun games like passing the box, baby toys or a small baby gifts, statues which is played to music, musical chairs, etc.

Food ideas for child birthday party:

Little ones love to eat little food. Serve recognizable foods. Keep the meal simple and familiar. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes using cookies, cutters, and make mini burgers and bagel pizzas.

For dessert, dress up the cupcakes with food colorings. Serve mini ice-cream in plastic cups. Some of the foods are power bread, power pickles, power mustard, energy sauce, raisins, etc.

Child birthday party drinks:

Mix ginger ale with cherry ice-cream for a colorful drink. All the kids like to drink orange sherbet. So, prepare orange sherbet and serve.

You can prepare it by mixing 4 cups of chilled orange juice, 3 spoons sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 quarter orange sherbet, 1 cup chilled water, 2 spoons orange peel and ½ spoon ground nutmeg.


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