How To Get Your Cute Baby To Sleep Through The Night?

cute baby sleepYour cute baby is habituated to the dark and quite environment in the womb.

She is unaware of the usual cues of nighttime sleeping.

In the initial days your cute baby falls asleep or awake during night timings.

Methods for your cute baby to fall asleep:

Exposure to day light:

One method of getting your cute baby used to sleeping at night, or in the dark, is to be sure that she is exposed to lots of sunlight during the day. Follow regular rituals, when it is time to nap or time to go to sleep at night.

They can be dimming the lights, creating dusk and nighttime, even if it is an afternoon nap. In this way she will be habituated to day and night cycles. She comes to know that nighttime and darkens are for sleeping.

Using daylight simulators:

You can find some clocks called daylight simulators. They will gradually dim your baby’s room and at last the room will be completely darkened over a period of about half an hour.

This can be away to put your cute baby to sleep. Make sure that the alarm sound is in mute, so your baby doesn’t wake with a sudden shock.

You will help teach your babies the cues for going to sleep at nap time and at night with the help of these devices with your usual routines. These are the gentle methods that many parents prefer to just letting the baby cry it out.

Ferberizing your cute baby:

Richard Ferber is a pediatric who believes in a progressive approach to helping your child fall and stays asleep.

According to Ferber method, after a warm, loving pre-bedtime routine such as singing, rocking or reading a book, you put your child to bed. If she is still awake it is crucial for you to successfully teaching her to go to sleep on her own.

After putting your cute baby in her bed, leave the room. If she cries don’t go to her room until a specified amount of time has passed. Once you return to her room, soothe her with your voice, but don’t pick her up, rock her or feed her.

Slowly increase the length of time that passes between checks. After about one week, your cute baby will learn that crying produces nothing more than a brief check from you. Gradually she will learn to fall asleep on her own without your help.

Ferber says that there are lots of things that may affect your child’s sleep. Before you “Ferberize,” you should make sure that feeding habits, pain, stress, or medications are not causing or contributing to your baby sleep problems (Common Toddler Sleep Problems).

You can use Ferber method if your cute baby is 6 months or older. You can modify the Ferber method if you feel it is too severe. Prolong the Ferber’s seven day program to 14 days. By doing this you can increase the wait between checks every other night rather than every night.

Using this method you can effectively put your cute baby to sleep through the night.


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