How To Entertain Your Little One?

Is your baby out of newborn stage? Now it’s the time to provide stimulation for your baby so that they will not experience boredom.

When your baby was in newborn stage, they’ll mostly cry when they are hungry.

But, once when they’ve crossed that stage, they’ll tend to cry out of boredom. So, how do you entertain your baby to avoid boredom?

Easy ways to entertain baby

  1. Involve them in your activities and take them wherever you move in your home. For instance, a large bowl and few colorful spoons or blocks will be perfect activity for your baby when you are cooking.
  2. One year old babies begin to understand language and pictures slowly so they’ll absolutely love big board books with pictures of fruits, flowers and animals. This way your baby will enjoy learning things.
  3. Little babies love outdoors. So, if you are free and if weather permits, take your baby for a walk. Your baby will definitely love to walk with your assistance, particularly if they are 12 months old.
  4. Your little one may not like loud sounds, but they’ll definitely love to hear different sounds, so you can play musical instruments or many DVDs are available to entertain your baby with different sounds. You can use them to provide entertainment for your baby.


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