How To Comfort Your Crying Baby?

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night by your baby’s wails, and not known how to comfort her so that she stops crying immediately?

How many times have you wished that you had some magic formula that would stop the fierce screams emanating from your tiny bundle of joy?

How many times have you felt that you are at your wit’s end, not knowing how to stop your baby’s crying?

How many times has your heart felt broken, because your baby would not stop crying despite all your best efforts? Do not worry; you are just like all other parents.

Remember, a baby is wired to cry, when she is feeling uncomfortable, and needs to express it. She can cry when she is hungry or thirsty, when she is tired, when she is in pain, when she needs to be changed, when she is sleepy, or when she is simply bored.

She does not have the words to say what she wants, and this is why she will cry until her needs are met. It is up to you to find out why exactly she is crying, and I am sure that you as a parent will have learnt to ‘read’ the clues that she offers, and with the help of these tips to comfort your crying baby, you will be able to handle your baby like a pro!

Tips to comfort your crying baby:

  • Check her diaper; she may need to be changed.
  • Find out if she needs to be fed; she may be hungry or thirsty.
  • Is she sleepy and tired? Put her to sleep.
  • Is she too warm/too cold? Remove some items of clothing, or add on, as required.
  • Is she surrounded by too much noise? Either try to lessen the noise, or move her to another environment that is quieter.
  • Does she need to be burped? Do so.
  • Does she simply need to be held? Hold her and cuddle with her.
  • Talk to her; your voice may soothe her.
  • Alternatively, sing to her softly, she may forget why she was crying when she listens to your voice.
  • Maintain eye contact with her. This will help strengthen your bond.

If you find that you are not able to soothe her crying jag, try taking deep breath yourself, and relax! There are times when your baby will not stop crying, no matter what you do, and once you have ruled out all the obvious reasons, relax, and simply let your baby know that you are there for her by holding her and rocking her, talking and singing to her. Her crying jag will stop.

The trick is to not feel overwhelmed by your baby’s crying: some babies do cry more than others. Learn these time tested tricks to soother your baby, and soon you will have her gurgling away happily, all her tears forgotten.

After all, her parent was there for her when she needed her/him, so why should she worry?


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