Tips on How to Change a Nappy

If you do not know how to change a nappy, and you are a fresh mom or dad, you should start coaching yourself immediately on the task. It is a regular part of your job to change your baby’s diapers and it should not be complicated. You can master it by practicing the task on a daily basis.

How to Change a Nappy

The Process of Changing a Nappy

You can get started with the process by arranging the things which you require to get going. All the supplies should be ready and furnished at hand. To clean the diaper, you will need the following:

  • A vessel of warm water and cotton balls, clean washcloth and baby wipes
  • Diaper ointment, nappy cream or petroleum jelly to treat nappy rashes
  • Clothes required for changing
  • Changing blanket or pad
  • Plastic bag for disposing the soiled diaper

Make sure your hands are washed clean. Place your little one on a flat and secure surface with a changing pad positioned underneath. It is always suggested for you to use the safety straps.

Since babies tend to roll over, one of the basic truths about how to change a nappy is not to leave them alone on the changing table.

You can use toys which they are particularly attracted to. This distracts the attention of your child while you are changing their diaper. Unfasten the adhesive tapes of the nappy and fold the soiled diaper into the plastic bag.

Clean the area of the baby in detail with washcloth or cotton balls dipped in warm water. If the wipes contain alcohol, they may lead to rashes and irritation. Cleansing from front to back is suggested to avoid infections.

By putting a clean diaper under baby’s bottom, you can pat them dry. If there are rashes, apply nappy cream for soothing the infant skin. Fasten the fresh diaper by holding the adhesive straps from the back to the front panel. Make sure that while understanding how to change a nappy, you should pay attention to making the nappy fit snugly without being too tight. Dispose the dirty diaper and wash your hands clean.

Tips for Changing Nappies

  • You need to follow the instructions of your doctor while caring for a recuperating circumcision.
  • Do not make the diaper too tight. While you may want to do away with leakage, too much of tightness can pressurize the infant’s stomach, which increases chances of throwing up after feedings.
  • If there is rash which exists for several days or in case of pain and skin which looks red and raw, you need to get in touch with your health provider immediately.
  • In case you use a changing table, make sure about using the safety straps. Even when the straps are in use, it is best not to leave baby unattended.
  • A few parents do not prefer the changing table. In that case, you can use the changing pad on the floor. These can easily be kept under a bed or couch with a decorative basket kept nearby.

Once you know how to change a nappy, you will not have any problems dealing with the soiling of diapers and will feel confident of handling your little one.


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