How Often You Need To Change Baby’s Diaper?

baby diaperThere are several reasons why a baby’s diaper should be regularly changed – reasons of hygiene, the physical comfort of your baby, to avoid a diaper rash and other skin irritations and to have a comfortable, sweet smelling and happy baby.

So how often do you need to change your baby’s diaper? The rule of thumb is you should change baby diapers promptly after every bowel movement, and then each time the diaper feels full of damp to the touch.

This can be every two to three hours or a diaper could last six hours, depending upon how hot or cold it is and if the baby sleeps right through it does not make sense to wake them up for a diaper change.

Just make sure that the skin is properly protected with barrier cream if you intend leaving the diaper on for a longer while.

Generally put a child on a fresh diaper before bedtime, and there is really no need to wake up baby for a change if sleeping comfortably and there has been no bowel movement. Remember to change just before a journey as well.

Change promptly if a baby seems uncomfortable with something – it could be that you have fastened it too tight or that it’s pinching in some way.


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