How Much To Spend On A Newborn Baby?

A recent report suggests that parents of newborn babies tend to overspend when it comes to their babies; they spend as much as ten thousand dollars on their babies in the first two years of life.

newborn expenditureNot only can this be prohibitive when recession is still not fully abated, it is also unnecessary. Here is what you can do to reduce newborn expenditure

  • Think of how many clothes you will really need – kids outgrow fast and you may end up with things that the child never even wore.
  • New isn’t always better when it comes to babies. Tried and tested items, even if previously used may be a better idea, since there will be no teething problems.
  • Being savvy with money for newborns is a good idea. The rest can be invested in a college fund that can really come in handy when the baby is all grown up.
  • When it comes to cribs, car seats and other necessary items for a newborn, don’t assume that if a thing is more expensive, it is also better or safer than others.
  • Used items can save considerable amounts of money.
  • Make sure that any item for newborns that you buy haven’t been recalled from the market.


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