Deal With Constipation In Infants With Homely Methods

It can be very frustrating when your baby is constipated as it can be difficult to soothe them. Constipation in infants is usually caused due to problems in their diet, dehydration, problems in the formula preparation, allergies and other reasons. Sometimes it’s not only the frequency of their poops but also the consistency of their stools. Be sure to watch out for these signs,

infant Constipation

  • Dry hard stools that causes pain and irritability while passing
  • Foul smelling poop.
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Does not eat anything due to irregular bowel movements.

If your baby shows any of the above symptoms the odds are it’s constipated. Here are some sure to work home remedies to cure constipation in new-borns.

1. If diet or dehydration is the main cause for constipation, simple changes in diet may solve the problem. Make your baby drink water or a small amount of juice. Depending on how he/she reacts to it, experiment and decide the serving. Sometimes constipation can be due to incorrect formula preparation.

Check how you are preparing his formula. Make sure you are adding the correct number of scoops of formula powder to water, as recommend by the manufacturer. Ask yourself, did the constipation start when you added something to his diet? Did you switch the formula brand? Or change its milk? If that’s the case, look into it by changing back or using another product.

When babies just get started on the solid food diet, new foods can get them constipated. Look into it. Try starting with softer and easier to digest foods and try getting him to eat it in small quantities. Give him some time to get used to his new diet.

2. Adding sugar to your baby’s diet before feeding it the formula at least three times a day helps battle constipation. You could also try feeding it prune juice. Prune juice has been proved effective in treating constipation. In case your baby is allergic to prunes try digestive tea made with anise and mint leaves.

3. A tummy massage goes a long way in helping your baby poop. Put some oil on your hands and gently massage his abdomen in a clockwise direction using long stroking actions. Alternate this with lifting his knees and the ‘bicycle’ motion. If your baby cries due to the pain consider using a slightly warm towel over his tummy to ease the pain.

If you find blood in your baby’s stool, it might be due allergies, consult your doctor immediately.

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