Home Remedies for Baby Rash on Face

In case you are interested in the home remedies for baby rash on face you should know that the skin of a newborn is very sensitive. The immune system of babies is still quite weak so irritants have a higher effect on them than on adults. The good news is that rashes disappear quite fast.

Home Remedies for Baby Rash on Face

Healing ointment

First you need some healing ointment and apply it on the face of the baby a couple of times per day. Most probably you already have some ointment or lanolin oil at home. The ingredients of the products of this kind are hydrating, soothing, and mild, so they are just perfect for the skin of the babies.

Cotton swab

If you are looking for face rash of babies’ home remedies, keep in mind that it is important to use a cotton swab. This way you can avoid future irritation and you won’t contaminate the ointment either. Only apply a thin layer on the skin so that the little one won’t be able to rub it in their mouth or eyes.

Monitor the progress

When it comes to the home remedies for baby rash on face, it is important to monitor the progress. If the outbreak isn’t healing, you might need to use some antibiotic cream.

If the rash spreads and other symptoms appear as well, such as fussiness and fever, you should see a doctor at once.


One of the best things you could do regarding the home cures for baby’s face rash is not to allow the little one to rub it. However, you shouldn’t cover the rash with bandage unless it is absolutely necessary. If the rash is exposed to air, it will heal faster.

The irritants

It is important to limit the irritants in the surroundings of the baby so that you won’t have to be thinking about home remedies for baby rash on face. Make sure that there is no fragrance in the products you use and also avoid the products with alcohol, rough fabrics, or strong detergents.


You have to take into consideration regarding the baby’s face rash home treatments that the baby could have an allergy to something. Some babies are sensitive to food or even milk. The skin irritation can also be caused by breast milk.

Talk to a doctor before using the home remedies for baby rash on face.


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