Good to Know Hispanic Baby Care Traditions

Each culture has its own quaint ways to take care of its new born. Some of these may seem a little outdated and can prove to be harmless customs. There are quite a few which are still relevant and make sense in the modern world too.

The Hispanic tradition has a fair share of these traditions and the new moms may or may not know what to do about it.

Hispanic Baby CareIn the Hispanic community, it is quite normal to expect elders and older mothers to give advice and support to a new mother.

Most new mothers don’t know if they should blindly follow the advice or think logically about it.

Here are a few tips to help you out. The Hispanic tradition requires the head of the newly born to be shaved. The saying goes that the hair grows back thicker and more beautiful.

There are no studies that prove it, but it is a harmless tradition and it is entirely your onus whether you would like to do so or not. It can be easily done at home with the help of an electric shaver.

Some old sayings like keeping the umbilical stump covered or pressing on umbilical hernias to make them disappear may cause more harm than good.

The umbilical stump should be allowed to dry in the open, covering it may result in infections. Similarly, pressing or tightly binding a baby’s tummy may result in discomfort rather than make the hernia disappear.

A baby’s discomfort or crying may be contributed to evil eye or frights. There may be more logical reasons for a baby’s crying. It is always important to rule out any medical conditions.

Tradition calls for the use of amulets and other trinkets to ward off the evil eye, although there is no harm in that, be careful to keep them out of the baby’s reach so that the baby does not swallow it by mistake.


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