Guidebook for the New Dads – How to Take Care of the Little One?

Congratulations on parenthood! Now when you are a dad, try not to dump your wife with all the responsibilities of the child, instead take up initiatives to build up a lovely father –child bonding during the initial days by fulfilling the easy tasks that you actually can. Your life must have already changed a lot during the past few months and now with the new member at home it will be all the more exciting and fulfilling when you participate in rearing the child willingly.

Adjustment might be difficult in the beginning and you will take time to get it correct – but once you are well groomed the best reward would be the attachment you have developed with your baby.  Here are few tips for the new dads to make baby caring easier –

guidebook for the new dadsMake Family your Priority

This surely does not mean that you have to leave the world of your own and become a baby sitter completely. But, of course the returning time from your workplace has to be made earlier or if possible take break for a month to help in rearing the child. You would surely enjoy the first moments of the baby, even cuddling the new born and watching her/him asleep is a pleasure. Just try and be present that will mean a lot!

Play, Play and Play

This is possibly the easiest and the most enjoyable task you can have for the first few months. Play with the baby in the bed or on the floor – just be careful that he/she does not get hurt. Instead of too much physical jerking, try to talk and make eye contact with the child. Skin to skin contact increases the bond and affection; cuddle the baby closer and enjoy your playtime with small and safe toys.

Don’t be Afraid to Hold Her

This is the age when you can take advantage of the child’s portability; carry him/her as much possible to create the concept of “safe shelter” in the child’s memory. You can take the kid out on pram for an evening stroll, help her mom while changing diapers, feed the child holding carefully, console when he/she is crying etc. There are umpteen ways in which you can establish the warm and firm body contact with the new born.

Improve your Traits

The mother is already handling too much apart from her physical stress; try to be co-operative with her as much as possible. Mood swings and getting agitated will be a common issue from the mom, but you have to be supportive, extra patient, communicative and peaceful these days. This will benefit the mother and the child both. As a baby will never ever be easy with a howling and growling dad!

Go for the Paediatrician Visits

Accompany your wife when she goes for the pedi visits; this will not only help you to learn lots about children but also the doctor will give you useful and handy tips on handling a new born. This will also be a gesture that you care for both your wife and the little one!

Join Online Forums

This is a comparatively new trend to acquire knowledge – but it’s worth it! Join forums made for new dads and share your experiences; you might get many problems solved there even without any expert’s help. However, before executing any of the suggestions that come from the forum for the baby, do consult your doctor!

Go Slow and Steady

The baby is too small to take the hazards of daily routine life. Thus try not to schedule too many events in a day. Make a plan that is soothing and not too stressful for the child and remember your wife too needs rest now!

Above all, you will have to take care of yourself so that any additional health hazard from your end does not disturb the situation. Be careful while driving, eat a balanced diet, and keep an eye on your risk-taking. A healthy and a happy dad is the best thing you can give to your child.


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