Mom’s Guide to Right Kids Activities

In our days more and more parenting books are discussing kids’ activities and the fact that parents have a tendency to over schedule their children. So how do we know when is the time to stop?

It is very important for everybody to have some free time. This means that you shouldn’t just add different activities to the family schedule until there is no more room left. Keep in mind that members of a family feel better if they are under no stress.

Kids Activities

Interest and benefits

No two activities are the same, and this is why you should choose the activities according to the interests of the child. The members of the family will be happier to engage in activities that are inspiring the child.

Nonetheless in case the schedule of a kid is too full, he or she might not find other things that he or she will become passionate about.

In case you have more than one child, you could engage all of them in the same activity, but you have to make sure that they are equally interested in it.

In order to know what the child likes, you should give numerous activities a try. Naturally there will be some that the little one would like to quit, and you must have a period of time after which you allow quitting.


When creating the schedule for the children’s activities you must keep an eye out for conflicts. It’s not only about whether the dance classes and violin classes are in the same time, but you also have to consider your schedule, whether the time of the activities can change from one week to the other and so on.

Another thing that you have to consider is the amount of time that the child has to sacrifice in order to practice at home. There is a conflict if the activities leave too little time for the kid to relax.

Time span

Before you create the schedule you have to be sure about the duration of the activities in question. Do the activities repeat during the entire year, during the school year or the activity lasts for only a few months? There are some activities that can be extended as much as you can, because the child will be gradually progressing at it.


In the majority of the cases the activities happen once a week. Nonetheless there are some that happen every other week or once a month. The downside is that these are more difficult to remember. In case the activity happens more than once a week you can expect it to have a greater impact on your family.

In case of kids’ activities regarding sports it is common to have a practice several times a week, and it is possible that their time changes from one day to the other. This is why it is important to leave some time for the unforeseen activities, like performances, costume fittings, dress rehearsals, and so on.


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