The Best Games for Infants

When it comes to games for infants, you should know that the first things that the babies discover are their hands. This is why it is a good idea to use your hands to teach, entertain and amuse the child. There are a lot of games to play with your hands, such as classic and new games.

Itsy bitsy spider and infants’ games

Games for InfantsIn order to play this game you should move your hands, your left thumb touching your right index finger and the other way around, moving upwards. Then bring your hands down, wiggling the fingers, imitating rainfall. After this make a half circle with your hands above your head and repeat the movements from the first part.

Momma’s got

This is another popular one of the games to play with infants. At the beginning you should wiggle your fingers in front of the baby. Then wiggle the toes of the baby. Then next step is to rub the little one’s tummy and in the end touch the nose of the baby.

Little bunny foo foo

For this one of the games for infants you should make a bunny form using your first two fingers and make the bunny hop in front of the baby’s face. Then use the other hand to scoop up the bunny. In the end, you just have to bop the hand that you scooped.

Pat a cake

In case of this one of the baby games you have to say the rhyme and clap the hands of the baby to the rhythm of the rhyme. Then you need to roll the hands of the baby. After this you should end the rhyme while clapping the hands of the baby to the rhythm of the rhyme.

Bumble bee

While you say the rhyme of this one of the games for infants, you should move around your index finger, getting it closer and closer to the baby. Then use the same index finger to tickle the little one under the arm. Most probably, he or she will smile back at you.

This little piggy

This is a classic game for babies. First you have to wiggle the first toe, then the second one, the middle one, the fourth one and then the pinky toe. Every mother knows the rhyme of this game. You could also say the same rhyme and wiggle the fingers of the baby.

Make funny faces

Although this seems to be a silly one of the games for infants, usually the babies get used to the faces of their parents very fast, and you could use this to show him or her different silly faces. This way the baby will be entertained and he or she will get to look at the thing that he or she likes the most.

Tickling games for babies

Although the babies don’t really know what’s it like to be ticklish, you should still play this one of the games for infants. This way you can make the baby sense new kinds of feelings.


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