Five Tips For Taking Your Baby Outside

baby carrierWhile summer is still blooming, it’s good to get your baby outside and into the fresh air. Here are some tips that can make it easier.

1. Have an outside bag. Your outside bag should have more than a typical diaper bag.

You need to make sure you’ve got sunscreen, a thin but large blanket or sheet (for spreading on the ground), baby safe bug spray, plenty of water, and some distracting toys.

Fresh air is great, but the distracting toys means your baby may be less inclined to eat grass and flowers, and more inclined to play.

2. Use a baby sling or baby carrier for tiny babies, or older babies who are content to be carried in the great outdoors. Kids should be allowed to crawl around (or walk) outside, but little ones tire quickly and a sling can save the day.

3. If you’re not into baby carriers, a lightweight stroller with a cover or umbrella is good.

4. Take a shovel and pail for older babies. This is a totally multi functional pair of toys. Your little one can scoop sand, gravel, rocks, bark chips, and more into her pail. Some little ones just like to carry the pail and put pine cones and leaves into it.

5. Take a lightweight baby jacket or sweater; just in case.

Source: Pregnancy & Baby


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