First Outing? When Is the First Outing Appropriate for Your Newborn?

Firstly, it may interest some of our readers to know that Pink has delivered a baby girl not too long ago and that the little one has been named Willow Sage. This may be interesting celeb gossip for some and a good suggestion for new born name for others, but the reason that the singer and her brand new baby are in the headlines is actually rather different.

Five days after her baby was born, Pink and her husband Carey Hart were to be seen taking a trip to the beach with the baby, and many reacted with outrage that so small a baby was taken out to the beach when only five days old. The baby was in a baby carrier carried by the dad, and people were already casting aspersions on the brand new dad and mom about their parenting choices.

Newborn First OutingAnd this brings us to a rather pertinent question, when is it OK to take a new born baby out for his or her first outing? Will it harm the baby or be bad for him or her to take them out to the park, or to a friend’s home for a get-together on indeed to the beach.

The fact is that many moms start to feel home bound and get that cabin fever feeling after just a few days home with the baby and may long to get out.

So long as the mother is feeling up to it, there is no reason why she shouldn’t go out with the baby a few days after the delivery – getting out in the fresh air is good for the baby and the mother as well.

Going for a drive is a good idea and will most likely rock the baby to sleep as well.

There are a few things to be careful about however

  • Though it’s OK to go out of doors and do some slow and gentle walking around the yard, or for a ride in the car, starting a fitness regime (brisk walking, cycling and so on) should wait till about 6 weeks after the delivery. Driving a car should also wait for about 3 to 6 weeks, particularly if the delivery was by C section.
  • If the new mother over exerts there could be a setback in her recovery process or there may even be increase in the post natal bleeding.
  • Also remember that a new born baby has immature immunity and may be susceptible to infections and the germs that may be present in public places. So if you want to take the baby to some place, pick that place with care.


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