Etiquettes To Follow While Visiting A Newborn!

Whenever a baby is born, all of us are excited to see him as well as the mother. We want to congratulate the mother, father and welcome the baby in the happiest way. Hence, we plan to visit the hospital and meet the newborn but at the same time, it is important to follow some rules and etiquettes while visiting a new baby, because babies as well as new mothers are sensitive and no kind of disturbance can be caused to them. Read more:


  • Ask the new parents about the visiting time. Do not visit abruptly because the baby might be sleeping, getting swaddled or being fed and your visit might disturb this. Repeated changing, feeding and sleeping keeps happening in case of newborns and hence, ask about the visiting time and do not stay there for a long time because there would be many people visiting the baby and you need to understand this.
  • Make sure you take something for the baby as well as the mother. If the new born has got an elder sibling, make sure you take something for them too. Newborn baby hampers can work well in this case and some sweets or cupcakes would do great for the mother. You can also take some post-delivery utilities like a casserole or paper plates which are useful to be used at the hospital.
  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant. Whenever you visit a newborn, do not pick it up or touch them immediately. First wash your hands clean so that you do not transmit any infection or germs to the newborn or the mother.
  • Do not visit if you are sick. That is an etiquette you follow otherwise too, but especially in case of visiting a newborn, it is your duty to stay away until you do not feel fine, so that the baby does not fall prone to any illness.
  • Do not advice unnecessarily. You would want to give advice to the parents as to how to take care of the child, but it is really frustrating for the parents because every other person is giving them advices. Hence, keep it to yourself unless the new parents ask for any help or suggestion.
  • Do not talk in a loud voice. Make sure you are soft-spoken at the hospital because newborns are sleeping most of the times. Basic hospital etiquette is to talk softly and keep you phones switched off. Follow that while visiting a newborn at the hospital or even at home.


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