Ensuring Your Baby’s Skin In The Winter Season Stays Healthy

baby lotionWinter can be a very harsh time for an adult’s skin but for babies it can be extra harsh.

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and you will need to take extra care for your baby if you live in a cold environment.

Winter time weather could cause irritation and your baby’s skin to dry out. It is easy for the moisture in their soft skin to disappear.

Cold wind has a way of depleting skin of its moisture and elasticity. There are certain things that you will want to do to prevent this from happening.

Bathing Baby and Moisturizing during Winter Months

You will not want to take your baby out into the cold weather directly after giving them their bath. This can chaff their skin. Make sure that you apply enough moisturizer after their bath to keep the moisture in your baby’s skin.

Baby lotion is a good moisturizer to use and it will make your baby smell extra good, too. You will want to moisturize from head to toe without getting lotion in their mouth or eyes.

Ask your physician to recommend a good type of moisturizer if what you are using does not seem to moisturize good enough.

Winter Clothing for Baby

It is a good idea to have the proper clothing for your baby during the winter months. He or she will need a warm coat, hat, and gloves but not so warm that your baby will sweat.

Soft clothing is always best for a baby’s skin because it is so tender especially in the winter months. If you have a little girl make sure you put tights under her little dresses to prevent her legs from becoming dry and chaffed.

Little boys usually wear pants in the winter so this should keep their legs warm and away from the cold.

Socks should always be worn under your little boy’s pants though for extra warmth and protection. If it is snowing you can always bundle them up in a snow suit made especially for babies to protect their skin.

Tips for Prevention

Try products that are rich in vitamins A and also D to soothe your baby’s skin if it is chapped or red looking. You should use products that are formulated for babies not adults. These products can come in lotions, creams, or ointments.

Also to stop your baby’s face from chapping you may need to cover your baby’s carrier when you go out with a loosely weaved thin blanket.

Make sure that it is loose over your baby’s carrier and that your baby is able to breath through the light blanket. This is very important! To keep moisture in your baby’s room you may want to run a humidifier during the winter months. This will not only help to keep moisture in your baby’s skin but will also help your baby if he or she has a cold and the skin under their nose is chapped from constantly wiping or blowing.

With a little preventive help your baby should have a very comfortable and enjoyable winter.


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