Top Educational Games for Kids According to Their Age Group

– Learning colors, recognition games, language skills, and more for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

It is only natural to want our children to be smart. Mothers do their best to improve their cognitive response starting from the first pregnancy weeks but once they come into the world, the real work starts.

Babies, toddlers and preschoolers have hungry little minds ready to absorb the information…sometimes against our better judgment. The little ones are eager to discover and register. The most tempting aspects of their learning process are the ones that are more colorful.

Depending on their age group the children are able to remember information from a very early age. According to pediatric science the little minds become receptive to information and memory around the age of 6 months. From that moment on, the baby can learn a large number of things.

Here are some of the best educational games for kids depending upon their age:

Educational games for babies

Your little baby can start learning very interesting things through games. Educational baby games can take the place of fun activities that can help your little one to get in touch with the world and perceive you as the most important factor in communicating with it.

1. Learning Colors

Learning Colors

Baby shapes can be a very handy tool in teaching the baby to recognize the colors and geometrical shapes. You should focus on helping the little one recognize the difference between the shapes and he or she will differentiate the colors too. This educational game for babies helps with visual recognition, not to mention that they help a great deal in increasing the baby’s attention span.

2. Hide and seek

Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with the baby is most likely fun. However no matter if you hide a toy or hide yourself for the baby to find you, the baby’s sense of direction will improve. Stimulating his or her attention as well as helping the baby develop the sense of memory makes this baby game very educational.

3. Good vs. bad baby games

Good vs. bad baby games

The baby should learn about boundaries as soon as possible; so teaching him or her, what is good and what is bad is a good idea. Play with the baby giving examples and you will be surprised by the speed of the learning process. Explain with mimic and gesture why the stove is hot and the ice cold; and the baby will trust your opinion.

Educational games for toddlers

Toddlers become very fast interested in learning news thing especially if they are exposed to novelty as much as possible. Recognition games, coloring arts and language skills are the things that toddlers respond to.

1. Recognition games

Recognition games

Learning about the opposites in the world, recognizing things and animals is a smart educational game for toddlers. Their intriguing minds will appreciate the challenge to memorize names of objects and they will be interested to verify their knowledge.

2. Coloring arts for toddlers

Coloring arts for toddlers

All toddlers are tempted by exercising coloring. It is in the nature of this age to be receptive to color combinations. This exercise will encourage their creativity and also develop their color recognition ability.

3. Language skills as educational games for toddlers

Language skills as educational games for toddlers

It is a known fact that toddlers like to make noise. Their constant babbling is the proof that their communication skills must be entertained with educational games for toddlers. Let the child repeat after you when you read him or her, a story. Encourage the children to tell the story themselves using pictures and take the time to encourage them to express their thoughts.

Educational games for preschoolers

Educational games for kids have a large number of sections. The preschool section is probably the one containing the largest number but also the most efficient educational games for children. As the preschoolers are bound to be tempted by communication as main part of learning process, the games for preschoolers are educational by essence.

1. ABC and 1, 2, 3

ABC and 1, 2, 3

The alphabet and numbers are something all preschoolers should learn. If you take the time to help the kid exercise, you will see that it is actually extremely easy and fun to help kids recognize the letters and numbers. This is the age when visual memory is highly responsive to new information

2. Which goes where

Which goes where

Groups are usually something children learn around the preschool age. Matching the objects with the group they belong to, is fun and stimulating for the preschooler’s attention. This type of educational game for kids is most likely the best one as long as learning association goes.

3. Know the world

Know the world

Most of the times, the preschoolers are tempted to register knowledge especially if it comes in the shape of a poem or a fairytale. Introducing the child into the marvelous discovery of the world around him is easier when the world is presented as a colorful and melodious place. The preschooler will be far more tempted to learn the names of animals and plants, if he sees them painted and hears them described in cute little poetry.


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