5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Baby

We have always heard from our elders that parenting is tough but if parenting is done in a well maintained and understandable way, it is really very simple. It is basically called ‘Attachment Parenting’ and it is formed by loving and understanding your baby’s needs and responding to them.

There are various easy and simple steps to follow to come close to your babies. Follow the given five simple steps which will make it easier to bond with your baby:

5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Baby

  1. Birth bonding: It is always necessary for the parents to bond with their baby even before their birth. Every touch or eye to eye contact is very important for the baby to bond with you too. After your baby’s birth, it is mandatory to build up the birth attachment so that the baby stays attached to your voice and touch.
  1. Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding should be done as long as you can so that the baby gets the pure mother’s milk which makes them stay healthy and along with breastfeeding, you should also communicate and raise the trust of your baby so that they can anytime rely upon you.
    While breastfeeding they mostly think that the mother who breastfeeds is the actual source of their comfort and care. So make a regular time for communicating with your baby during breastfeeding when you get alone time with your baby.
  1. Eye contact: In every day of our lives we make it a point to make eye contact with the person we communicate, so it is same as in case of the baby too. If we make proper eye contact with the babies while talking or communication in any different ways, then the trust of the baby increases and they can stay calm with us which further leads to a good bonding with the individual.
  1. Learn the cries: Babies have various types of cries which have different meanings overall. So it is very important for the elder to know the cries of babies and what they really mean. If one can learn the cries and can solve them, then it is a pleasure for them to share altogether a different kind of bond with the baby.
    It will be no tough task for them. It would also benefit you by gaining trust of the baby and they can also trust you for feeding them correctly and taking good care of them. This bonding makes the baby rely upon you and choose you apart from others.
  1. Pay attention: Babies are small and they do need the most care and attention from others. They don’t know what to do, what are their likes and dislikes, their favorite food, their relaxation mode, etc. So it is very necessary to spend quality time with your baby and pay proper care and attention to the little things that matters for increasing the bond with your baby. Teaching them well nurtures the relationship in a strong way.

By following the top five given methods, the bond with your baby will be established quite easily and you will cherish it for your lifetime!



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