Daily Skin Care For Your Newborn

newborn skinA newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and susceptible to becoming dry and irritated.

Daily skin care will keep your baby comfortable and clean, without irritating her sensitive skin.

The best time to care for your baby’s skin is either when you are dressing the baby in the morning, changing the baby, or getting ready to put the baby to bed for the night.

Some babies find their skin care routine or bathing stimulating, others find it relaxing.

See what works best for your baby and time their skin care accordingly. While your baby won’t need a bath every day, your baby will need skin care every day.

You will need a bowl of clean, lukewarm water, a towel, and a baby washcloth. Make sure the room where you are cleaning baby is warm so that baby will not become chilled.

Some babies enjoy having their clothes removed, while others don’t. If your baby does not like having her clothing removed, undress and redress her in stages. If your baby likes being naked, just make sure that she stays warm.

Begin by cleaning your baby’s face. Using the warm water, dampen the baby washcloth. Gently clean around baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Be sure to clean baby’s scalp, and carefully clean the baby’s neck and chin, where there may be many folds of skin. Using the towel, dry baby’s head and face. You can use cotton swabs to clean baby’s ears, but do not insert them into baby’s ears, or any other orifice.

The next step is to clean baby’s chest, underarms, arms and hands. Pay special attention to any skin creases. Again, dry baby as soon as you are finished, and keep baby covered with the towel so that she stays warm. If your baby still has her umbilical stump, avoid getting it wet. If you do, pat it dry gently. The cord itself does not need to be washed.

Next, clean baby’s legs and feet, paying special attention to skin creases and tiny toes. Again, dry baby right away and keep baby covered with the towel to stay warm.

Finally, remove baby’s diaper and clean baby’s genitals and bottom. Dry baby, apply diaper cream, baby lotion or baby powder as desired, and replace baby’s diaper.

Right after baby’s bath is a good time to apply baby lotion or oil and do a bit of baby massage if you are so inclined. Just make sure to be gentle, and do not let baby become chilled.

After applying baby lotion or powder if desired, put baby into clean clothes. This is also a good time to gently brush baby’s hair.

It is a good idea to get your baby used to oral hygiene early. Using a clean, damp washcloth, gently clean your baby’s gums.


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