Create A Time Capsule For Your Baby

Time CapsuleA baby book is of course something that most of us will probably end up making for our little new born bundle of joy, but you could go a step further and create an actual time capsule for your baby.

A time capsule can even be created as a baby shower gift of real class and distinction.

It will make a thoughtful gift that is really appreciated as is the effort behind it.

Time capsules have been around literally for ages, and date back to ancient Egypt and Babylon, when scrolls and statues were placed inside time capsules for later generations to find.

Time capsules such as the one you would typically create on a new year or for your baby are basically something that helps us remember a particular time in life; it is rather like creating your own personal history with personal references, which when opened at a later date will be a thing of wonder and joy.

You can create a time capsule and then label it Not To Be Opened Till _____. Specify a year, preferably on the birth date of the baby when it can be opened and the contents examined and exclaimed over.

What can you use to make a time capsule?

One can use any kind of non biodegradable material for making a time capsule. A large tin, box, or container of some sort made out of metal, plastic or heavy duty rubber can be used.

You can use something as common place as popcorn can to make your time capsule. Some of them come in attractive designs; or you can paint and personalize one according to your own fancies.

So what do you put in a Time Capsule for your baby?

You can put all manner of things in that for your baby: you can cut out news items from news papers of the time, making an interesting mix of local and international news items.

You can include some currency notes or coins in the collection, and even some postage stamps. Another interesting thing to include would be a supermarket checkout bill, which lists the prices of common items such as groceries, fruit, vegetables etc.; that will be good for a few laughs in the future.

You can also include the first ever things your baby wore, a favourite blanket[baby blanket] or swaddling cloth etc. So let your imagination run wild and pack in some interesting things that will be fascinating and a joy for the little baby so many years down the line.


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