Colic, Crying And Keeping Your Sanity

infantcolicLots of babies cry, cry and cry some more. There are new mothers that feel as if they are failures as a mom and are not doing something they should be doing.

Calm yourself and remember some babies have colic.

Infant Colic makes feeding time and other times difficult as your baby is experiencing discomfort and you feel helpless to get him to feel better and calm down.

Why is Baby Crying?

Babies cry for lots of reasons. It is the only way they can communicate that something is wrong or is bothering her.

Check to see if the crying baby is too hot or too cold and if that doesn’t seem to be the problem check if her diaper needs to be changed. Baby might be hungry; she might even just want some attention.

How to Soothe a Baby that is Crying?

Swaddling a baby can often calm them when they are crying for no apparent reason. If you have a swing, place her in it and that can usually bring about some peace.

You can also create white noise such as the sound of the vacuum cleaner or quiet music. Many moms find that placing the baby carrier on the washer or dryer does the trick too.

If you are truly desperate, put on your coat and shoes, swaddle up baby and take her for a ride in the car. There aren’t many babies that can resist the lull of the road under the wheels of the car.

What causes Colic?

There is no definitive answer to what causes colic in a baby but it can be noted that a baby that cries for more than two hours and cannot be consoled is suffering from colic.

Sometimes if you are formula feeding your baby it can be irritating and just trying a variety of different formulas can cure the problem.

Colicky babies don’t often have serious medical conditions and you can expect the behavior to cease by the time the baby is about three months old.

What about You?

Make sure if you are the mother of a colicky baby that you reach out to others for help. Isolating yourself and blaming yourself for your baby’s bad mood is no good for you and that transmits to the baby.

If you have a friend or neighbor, a relative or even your husband, have them all chip in and hold the baby during the times when nothing seems to make them happy.


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