Choosing Essential Oils For Your Baby

essential oilsWant to use pure essential oils to soften your baby’s skin? They must be treated with proper care at all times, as most oils have contra-indications.

While some oils cannot be used during pregnancy or for babies, there are some that are safe and good to use.

Oils that can be used based on your baby’s age:

1. The first and foremost step is to select oils appropriate to your baby’s age.

  • From newborn to two months, you can use lavender, dill, chamomile, and yarrow essential oil as they are safe to use.
  • From 2-6 months age, use coriander, mandarin and neroli essential oils along with the above listed ones.
  • From 6-12 months, tea tree, aniseed, grapefruit and calendula essential oils can be used.

2. You should know how to use the essential oils safely and in what quantities to use them in. Follow the instructions carefully.

3. Make sure you do plenty of research during your pregnancy about which oils are safe for your baby to soothe the ailments.

4. If your baby is under 2 years old, avoid wintergreen or eucalyptus oils.

Uses of essential oils for your baby:

  • Essential oils help your baby to ease diaper rash and dry skin like cradle crap.
  • Massaging babies with essential oils is a great way to soothe and bond with them.
  • Applying oils to your baby can be fun, refreshing and clean.

Essential oil recipes for your baby:

Natural baby oil: Mix ½ cup of olive oil, 5 drops of mandarin essential oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. The mixture of mandarin and lavender is very beneficial for your baby’s skin and also provide relaxation and calming effects. Shake the oil well before using.

Homemade baby wipes: Mix ½ cup of aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, 3 drops of tea tree essential oil and 20 drops of lavender oil in a cup of distilled water.

Lavender essential oil gives effective healing benefits. A mixture of tea tree oil and vinegar prevents diaper rash.


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