7 Easy Child Care Tips for Parents

Child care tips are essential for handling a growing baby. New parents are often confused as to what to do or how to deal with a baby once they come home. Every parent wants to nourish their little one in a caring, affectionate and secure atmosphere, giving them the required amount of care and attention especially in the early stages of their development.

Here are some essential child care tips for parents:

Child Care Tips

1. Baby Massage

A baby massage is an age old tradition of pacifying the frayed nerves of a newborn. All you need to do is take a few drops of olive oil on your palm and apply it on the infant in a circular motion. Since the skin of the infant is delicate, do not apply too much pressure while massaging.

2. Bath Time

Before taking baby for bath, make sure you have all you need at one place. It is not wise to leave your baby alone in the water. Use gentle baby soap on the sensitive skin of your little one. Other than these child care tips, you also need to have a soft piece of cloth or towel for drying your baby.

A sponge bath is better suited for newborns since they have delicate skin.

3. Leg Cycling

You can keep baby on their back and hold the legs firmly in a half bent posture. Start moving the legs in a cyclical motion gently. You ought to maintain a steady speed, without being too fast or too slow. This is great for controlling the constipation of the child.

4. Treatment for Cold

You may use a cooling mist humidifier for adding moisture to the air. This helps comfort the congestion and cold of your little tot. The humidifier should only use water, without any kind of medicines or oils, unless recommended by the pediatrician.

5. Skin Care

The baby might suffer from different kinds of skin related disorders in case you do not offer them appropriate protection. Make sure that you use products in your child care tips that are meant for sensitive and soft skin. You ought to apply soft and gentle shampoos and soaps which do not contain harsh chemicals. It is best to go for branded products only. Use mild body lotions and creams depending on the season of the year.

6. Carry Your Baby

Toddlers often want to be carried by their parents, even when they can walk by themselves. Perhaps this is because of the fact that they want to see the world from an elevated height. Another reason for this could be a sense of insecurity in the presence of strangers. While you are carrying your baby, it is important to hold them correctly to avoid dislocations.

7. Fever Cures

If baby has fever, you can take a dry piece of cloth and dip it in a vessel. Drain the excess water and place it on baby’s forehead for a couple of minutes, repeating the process. Do this thrice a day for half an hour each. This brings down the temperature greatly.

You can never go wrong with some of these easy child care tips. The strategies help you take care of your little one and increase their level of comfort.


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