Care for Children with Special Needs

Families who have to care of children with special needs due to a baby’s physical infirmity, learning disability or other handicaps or even medical conditions can feel a lot of stress due to the extra burden on their time and resourses.

What is care for children with special needs?

“Special Needs” is a term used to denote any number of situations where a child may have a mental or physical disability, congenital abnormalities, chronic diseases or even severe allergies and may therefore need to be cared for in a special way.


Such a child will have special needs because they may not be able to do all the things that other kids do. They may have delayed milestones, or may need specific therapy or medication, or may be unable to function independently.

Children could have conditions such as cerebral palsy, heart problems, cancer, dwarfism, asthma, autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disabilities and so many others. So caring for children with special needs is different and can be very much more demanding.

Care for children with special needs can be challenging but rewarding

Since a child’s special needs will put extra pressure on a family’s time, resources and energies, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious or even cheated. Special schooling needs, acceptance from the extended family, social challenges, home alterations that may be required, medical interventions may all present significant stress.

However when you give the situation careful consideration, you can find that there may be hidden blessings here as well. When a special child reaches a particular milestone this can be very rewarding for parents and care givers. If a new treatment is discovered that relates specifically to a child with special needs this is also a matter of joy for the family.

Other children in the family can grow up more responsible and caring owing to a sibling with special needs. Family bonds within the family can be stronger and more loving when geared towards care for children with special needs if the situation is viewed as an opportunity rather than a burden.

Look for programs geared towards children with special needs

Depending upon where you live, there could be state funded programs that are created for the assistance of families with special children. The aid could be in the form of financial assistance, medical aid or school aids. Or there could be federally funded support centers that can help parents understand their child’s situation and cope better.

For instance there could be certain benefits and aid available under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition there could be federal acts or federally funded programs that provide special stimulus or aid for families with special children. These programs can offer assistance in the form of finance, professional help, medications, hospitalization, therapy and so on.

Other resources that can help with care of children with special needs are support groups, online communities, guidance on safety tips, help preparing a special needs child for school, special dental care they may need and so on.


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