Buggy Rides – Mothers Walk 639 Miles in the First Year!

A new British study has revealed that the new mom may be walking for an average of 639 miles in that first one year after the birth of her baby. In a bid to get the little one to nod off to sleep, mothers may take the baby out in the buggy as many as 6 times a week and each of those times, she may be walking 2 miles or thereabouts.

baby buggyWhile parents most commonly use rocking as a means to get baby to fall asleep, the second most popular way to make babies fall asleep is taking them out for a buggy ride; as many as 42% moms doing so  simply to get baby to fall asleep.

The third most popular way to get baby to nod off is to take baby out for a car ride. The motion or movement tends to soothe babies to sleep since it resembles the feeling that babies felt when still inside in their mother’s womb.

So the buggy rides may be a solution for the stress of babies who have difficulty to get to sleep, but in the middle of the night this is not possible; also some babies tend to wake up the moment the motion of the buggy ceases.

But buggy rides do have a couple of hidden benefits – this is one way for new mothers to get out and about, to make them feel less isolated; and also they help moms shed their pregnancy weight. 600 miles is a long distance!


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