How to Encourage Brain Development in Infants

Although at the beginning there are very few things that the babies can do, like breathing, kicking, crying and sucking, brain development in infants is very fast and soon the little one will be able to smile, babble and to turn towards your voice. In just a year he or she will be able to walk, to talk a bit and to get attached to you. This is just the beginning and the development goes on at the same rate for three years.

Every parent would like to have smart children and there are two main ways to stimulate infants’ brain development: through encouraging language and speech skills and through stimulating games.

The majority of the parents don’t even realize how fast their children learn without having to push them.

brain-development-in-infantsHow to affect infants’ brain development?

It is very important to keep in mind that the first few months have an effect on the rest of the baby’s life. This naturally means a major responsibility for how the baby develops during this time lies with the parents.

The home that the little ones grow up in has a major impact on the infants’ brain development. Those babies that grow up in a stimulating, loving and encouraging environment that in the same time is safe will have a better basis for their later development.

According to the studies that have been conducted regarding the brain development in infants, little ones are very receptive regarding everything that happens around them.

Having different kinds of experiences is the easiest way for babies to learn. They will be able to understand the surroundings and the way they work.            The interesting thing is that although their brain might not be fully developed, they have the same learning process as adults.

The evolution of the infants’ brain development

The first year seems to be the most important regarding the brain development. Interestingly the brain in this period resembles a lot with the brain of an adult. According to research, learning has two different parts. One of these is nature, the genes that the little one has got from the parents. The other part is nurture, the way the little one grows up, the stimulation that he or she receives and the different experiences that he or she has.

Regarding brain development in infants it is just natural that the parents can’t do anything regarding the genes that their baby has, but they can do a lot about the environment to make the best of the genes.

Improving the infants’ brain development

One of the ways to boost brain development in infants is to communicate with the little one, although you might think that this is in vain since he or she cannot understand you. You should also encourage the baby to communicate in order to improve the speech and language skills.

Keep on interacting with the little one through speech, singing, reading and even repeating the sounds that he or she makes. This is the easiest and fastest way to achieve brain development in infants.


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