7 Must Haves for your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

When the baby arrives, a gamut of things tend to take up place in your house. From baby furniture to toys and from baby cabinets to medicine cabinets, you may need to have everything in place to ensure a smooth time for you and your little one.

It is very important to have the adequate and important things in your baby’s medicine cabinet for emergencies and for daily use. The following is a list of the 7 must haves for your baby’s medicine cabinet.

7 Must Haves for your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet

1. Gas Drops

Almost all babies have gas issues since in the initial few months, all they have is milk.  The gas may sometimes be so terrible that it may keep the baby from sleeping and playing.  There is no other solution for this problem than having good and safe gas drops. Make sure you have a pack full in the baby’s medicine cabinet at all times.

2. Antibiotic Ointment

Another important thing you must have in that cabinet is a good antibiotic ointment. Babies tend to either hurt themselves or get hurt all the time and an ointment can be a big necessity.

3. Pain Relief Drops

From teething pain to ear pain, babies may experience a whole lot of aches and pains and it is best to have a pain relief drop in the medicine cabinet for emergencies. Do not give the drops unless very necessary but having one is still important.

4. Skin Cream

Many babies are prone to skin issues like eczema and dry skin and to treat this condition, it is important to have a good skin cream in that cabinet at all times. It can really provide relief and reduce irritation.

5. Cold Tablets

Since their immunity systems are not as strong as ours, babies may often develop symptoms of cold and cough. Thus you must ask your doctor for a cold tablet prescription and have a pack full of it with you in the medicine cabinet.

6. Saline Spray

Another thing that must be present in baby’s medicine cabinet is a saline spray for a clear and normal nose. Always ask your doctor to prescribe one before buying it.

7. Prescribed Medicines

Doctors may prescribe certain medicines and supplements like Vitamin D and others to babies and you must make sure you have all of those and give them as recommended by the doctor.


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