Baby Skin Rashes, The Common Skin Problems And Home Quick Fix For Them

Baby skin is so soft and gentle, but is also very sensitive that is why even a small rash is easily visible. For you to know what to do with them, you must first know what they are. Here are the most common skin problems seen on baby’s skin:

Diaper Rash

baby skin rashesThis is the most common of all baby skin rashes caused by bed wetting, prolonged diaper use or allergic reaction to chemicals found in diapers.

It is easy to identify diaper rashes; they either appear red and swollen or pale or wrinkled.

To treat diaper rash, wash thoroughly the bottom and genital area using mild soap and lukewarm water and expose it and let to completely air dry.

Before you place another diaper apply a thin amount of petroleum jelly on red and swollen areas.

It is best to set a time each day to allow the genital area to completely dry or you may opt to use cloth diapers during daytime and the most absorbent diaper at nighttime.

Prickly Heat or Heat Rash

These rashes appear like small bumps that are inflamed and red in color and are accompanied by a prickling sensation and itchiness. They are commonly found in skin folds of the neck, armpits and groin.

To treat heat rashes, keep moisture off by dressing your baby in less clothing preferably made of cotton fabric.

You may also apply calamine lotion to deal with itchiness; cold compress may also soothe prickling and always remember to keep skin folds dry to lessen skin friction and irritation.

Cradle Cap

A cradle cap can look like dandruff or crusting patches on your baby’s head. The cause is unknown and is not in any way related to hygiene.

Use a soft baby brush to remove excess crust while you’re shampooing your baby’s hair. It usually disappears in time and should not be a cause for worry, unless they are too severe to needs a doctor’s advice.

Baby Acne

Baby acne appears like small whiteheads and is usually found in the face and back. Eruptions are usually influenced by your own hormones passed on during pregnancy.

It is usually no cause of worry as they will disappear in time. The only thing you need to prevent is to have them being infected, so keep your baby’s skin always clean and away from too much irritation.


Also called stork bites are small white bumps that appear on the nose area. These are caused by blocked oil glands that usually disappear after a few weeks of birth. No treatment is needed for milia.


They are red patches found in the face, chest, arms, elbows, behind the knees and legs of your baby. It is usually aggravated by too much dryness on sensitive areas. It is usually a result of an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

The best way to treat and prevent eczema is to keep your baby’s skin always moisturized especially when it is very cold.

It will also help if you minimize irritation from clothing and your baby’s mattress. In severe cases you may need to ask your doctor for a prescription of a steroidal cream.

These rashes are generally normal for newborns and usually disappear after a few weeks. However, there are signs that will tell you that you need to visit your pediatrician immediately which include: increased swelling and pain in the area, pus formation, baby unusually irritable and feverish.


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