Sensitive Baby Skin Care for Infants

New moms and dads are often fraught with baby skin care. They need to know about the products to use on the sensitive skin of their little one. In this case, they should approach an experienced infant caregiver or pediatrician about helpful tips. Taking care of the umbilical cord region of the baby ensures proper infant skin care by preventing chances of a rash or infection. Avoid detergents or alcohol based products.

Baby Skin Care

Care for the umbilical region

Once the umbilical area is healed, it should be tended with proper care with proper lotions and skin care products. It is not mandatory to bathe the child during this time as it might delay the healing. You can give gentle sponge baths. Diaper rashes can be prevented with thorough cleaning of the diaper after the bath. Sometimes, the skin of the newborn can be irritated with chemicals present in baby wipes.

Diaper rashes

Prevent diaper rashes when commencing baby skin care. During changing the baby diaper, it is best to let the skin dry at first. Drying should be done in air since it promotes healthy skin.

Delicately pat the bottom for drying. You may heal diaper rash by allowing the baby bottom to go bare for an hour everyday.

A lot of experts are of the opinion that infant skin care products or lotions should be avoided to prevent itches on the delicate skin of the newborn. Gently cleanse the skin with mild soap or warm water for the first couple of months.

After that, use a skin care product as necessary so long it does not contain harsh chemicals.

Parents concerned with additives or chemicals in the various kinds of products of baby skin care should look for alternatives. Hence, it is ideal to go for organic or natural skin care products, especially for babies who have a sensitive skin. Lotions, sunscreens and baby soaps usually include harsh chemicals, whereas organic products are plant based and do not cause skin irritation and allergies. Avoid infant skin care products which are petroleum based or perfumed.

Skin chafing can be prevented by dressing your tot in loose and comfortable clothing especially during the warm summer season. Cotton is the fabric to go for as against polyester. Bamboo fiber is ideal for wicking away moisture. If taking out the baby in the sun, a hat is ideal for baby skin care. Infant sunscreen formulas should be fragrance free and waterproof.

Tips for baby skin care

  • The skin of your little one requires cleaning for healthy functioning during their growing stage.
  • Humidity may lead to maceration and it is best not to use talc which abrades and irritates the skin.
  • Protect your baby’s skin from sunburn and related issues like premature wrinkles and freckles.
  • Take proper infant skin care by avoiding frequent bathing as it may lead to eczema.
  • Add non-allergenic oils to bathwater for appropriate infant skin care.
  • Apply zinc oxide or unscented petroleum jelly to the diaper region for lubricating and preventing diaper rash.


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