– How to select the right color and theme for the nursery of your baby boy, girl or twins

Well…here came the baby. Of course you are extremely fascinated by everything involving the little one and it is natural that you would want to offer him or her, their very own little piece of heaven able to make them feel special and loved. So there is no wonder that you are looking for the trendiest baby room ideas.

When decorating a nursery, many parents tend to follow the standard trends: pink for baby girls, blue for baby boys, a combination of the two for twins of different sex. However the current trends are all about the imagination of the little ones from a very young age and also the creation of perfect little castles for the little angels that come our home.

When you look for ideas to decorate a baby room, there are 3 main aspects to consider: the baby’s sex, the theme you choose and the number of babies the nursery will host.

Decorating ideas for a baby girl’s room

It is so easy to make a room look pretty and cute for your little princess, but if you are looking for a baby girl room decorating idea that will take the breath away, choosing patterns and not just colors is the best solution. It is not all about ruffles but rather all about warmth.

1. Colors for the nursery of a baby girl

Colors for the nursery of a baby girl

Pink is without any doubt the girlish color out there. Shades of pink, glazed structures, white furniture and a myriad of accessories in the largest variation of pink related nuances are the traditional baby girl room idea. In spite of this, you should also choose warm mellow yellow or pretty precious purple as colors for the nursery of your little princess. These colors are both positive and relaxing for the baby.

2. Cute nursery theme ideas for a baby girl

It is fun to pick a theme especially when a baby girl nursery is involved. In spite of that, many parents think that as long as it is fairytale based it is perfectly fine, when in fact you can always make it look better.

Cute nursery theme ideas for a baby girl

It is nice to paint the ceiling and add amazing looking curtains, but remember the practical side of the nursery too. Along the beautiful crib there must be a storage space for the baby’s things, a cozy armchair or sofa where mom can sit while breastfeeding, and of course a changing table that most likely will be the most used item after the crib.

Decorating ideas for the room of a little baby boy

Bringing home a little prince involves customizing a little space only for him. Colors, themes and light are all part of making a sweet haven for the little one. You can choose standard decoration or choose to make the nursery look completely unique. In spite of whatever you choose, the ideas for this type of baby rooms must evolve around what you wish for the baby boy to be.

1. Colors to decorate the baby boy nursery

Colors to decorate the baby boy nursery

When choosing the color pattern you must consider that sky blue is not the only option. Cyan and mustard and also warm wood nuances can turn the little one’s place into an oasis of comfort. If you want to encourage the playful nature of the baby, choose safari inspired patterns and a splash of colors.

2. Theme decoration for a baby boy room

Theme decoration for a baby boy room

As long as it will encourage the creativity of the little one when he grows up, anything goes for a baby boy room decoration. The nursery can look like a music scene, a safari hunt, a pirate boat or a forest. Just make sure that the light coming inside the room can be manipulated with smart curtains and that the practical side of the baby room décor includes anything you need for the baby care.

Twins and the challenge of double nursery décor

When looking for baby room ideas the things tend to get more complicated when we talk about twins. Depending on the sex of the twins the choices can be quite different. For example, if you have a boy and a girl, the color combinations will be a must. Also since everything comes double it will be more challenging to find room for all the items.

Colors and themes to match in baby twins decorating

Colors and themes to match in baby twins decorating

If you have two boys or two girls, the above baby room ideas apply just fine. However if your twins are of opposite sex, the things are pretty different.

So far the color combinations go, pink and blue hues are the right way to go, but neutrals are also extremely trendy especially if you have the possibility to acquire a pair of vintage looking cribs. Remember that dashes of red, lime green and orange are perfect in case of twin nursery decoration.

As for the themes, you can either go for a neutral one like the zoo or ABC, or can simply divide the nursery decoration accordingly. Just make sure that the décor will stay perfect for a few years to come and you have the best baby room ideas lined up and ready to be used.

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