Baby Essentials When Traveling

traveling with babyNot knowing what to pack, you don’t pack everything when you are traveling with baby.

They have unique requirements and being prepared for any contingency when you are on the road can help you to get to your destination faster and safely.

What to pack for baby?

When you are packing for baby you don’t want to go overboard but you want to be ready for anything.

When it comes to packing diapers, a good rule of thumb is to pack 5 diapers per day per child.

If you have a newborn you may want to pack a few extra per day. It’s easier to have diapers on hand than having to worry about purchasing them when you arrive.

A pack of baby wipes will do you for the trip no matter how long or how short. If your baby needs a specific brand you may want to take more.

You will also need transportation for baby. For newborns the perfect accompaniment for that is a baby sling.

If your baby is too big for one of those you may want a lightweight stroller. An umbrella stroller is the ideal take-along for trips.

They are simple to open and close and are easy to store. If you will be using public transportation when you arrive at your destination, a bulky carriage is difficult to maneuver.

If you are bottle feeding baby make sure you have plenty of inserts and enough bottles. You may want to bring along bags for sterilizing in the microwave.

Have at least two bottles or sippy cups with you for one to be clean and the other to be dirty. If you are traveling in Europe with baby it may be hard to find the same brand your baby uses at home.

Bring along familiar snacks if baby is eating solid foods as well as a few jars of baby food. If your baby has special needs you should bring enough nourishment to last the whole trip.

Fresh fruit and veggies are not recommended to bring along as snacks if you are traveling outside the U.S. as they will not be welcome in the host country.

Finally, bring along some plastic bags for diaper disposal. Your hotel room won’t have your diaper genie so to avoid the unpleasant smell be sure you have enough plastic bags to wrap each diaper change. The other inhabitants of the room will thank you.


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