6 Cries You Need to Know

Babies are the most beautiful gift of nature but when these little beings start crying, it becomes disheartening for us as we do not understand what they are trying to say. We do a lot of talking to them, sometimes we sing, and laugh with them, but what about their communication? What are they trying to tell us by these beautiful sounds?

Basically there are 6 different types of cries that we need to know, so that the next time any babies try to say something, we can understand in no time. Let’s increase our knowledge by reading in-depth about these sounds.

6 Cries You Need to Know

  1. Hunger cries: The most important thing when your baby start crying is the hunger cry. The ‘neh’ or ‘nah’ sounds that they make are mainly because they are hungry and want you to feed something to them. In these times babies mostly cry rhythmically without stopping. The best shortcut to know when they are hungry is to follow the ‘n’ starting sounds. Hope it works for you too.
  1. Discomfort or pain cries: In case the baby is in pain or in some sort of discomfort position, they would make screechy and high pitched sounds. These cries have so much of intensity that after crying for a long time the babies become breathless. In such cases try to solve the problem that the baby is having and fix it quickly.
  1. Tired cries: This is the most soothing thing that you will face with the babies. When these little ones are tired they just start with a sharp tone cry and following that they would rub their eyes and yawn. But if taken in sleeping positions soon then these cries are not a task at all. They will sleep peacefully.
  1. Fearful cries: When afraid, babies mostly weep confusingly and this sound turns into a screech afterwards. If the babies don’t like anything or anyone then there may be a possibility of fear in them from the opposite thing. But if taken care of properly then they may not grow up like this and would not be of fearful nature.
  1. Colic or gassy cries: Like us, our babies too have the need of burping and farting. They too have problems with gas filled stomach which causes bloating afterwards. If your baby wants to fart or burp then they would make low crying sounds and until the gas is out they won’t stop the cry.
  1. Pain cries: These cries are the most violent of all the cries. When the baby is in pain then it starts crying with loud screechy noise which is very high in pitch and they won’t stop. Rather the sound increases with time as they feel the pain more. The best thing to do is to find out the real cause of the pain that is caused to the baby and try to ease the baby as soon as you can.

So, the next time you hear a baby cry, you know exactly what it means!


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