Baby Care Tips for Your Newborn

Parenthood is a breathtaking experience, but it is incomplete without knowing some essential baby care tips. If you are not equipped with a few tips at hand, you may not be prepared to face up to some baby rearing tricks. For most first time parents, the rearing experience is a learning one.

However, they can learn about a baby care tip or two before welcoming their newborn into the world. Here are a few baby care secrets from insiders, right from diapers and bedding to crying and teething.

Go for a firm mattress

There are quite a few things you need to look out for to protect your child while they are asleep. One of the important baby care tips is to go for firm mattresses.

Babies sleeping on their tummy may experience sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS since they are unable to roll on their backs and do not receive enough of oxygen.

When baby is asleep, one baby care tip to take into account is using a firm and flat mattress, although equal importance should be paid to monitoring the baby.

Change diapers on a regular basis

Babies wearing diapers may experience diaper rash and this is why according to the baby care tips of experts, parents should regularly check with their babies as to whether their diapers should be changed. This can also aid in the prevention of diaper rash. An expert baby care tip is to use corn starch, and not talcum powder, to sprinkle on baby’s back as it helps fight diaper rash. You may even allow your infant to play on a waterproof pad without wearing diapers to prevent the occurrence of the nasty rashes on their tiny bottoms.

Soothe the baby

Babies cry a lot and hence it is best to follow baby care tips that suggest the aspects which soothe your little one. This can prevent those endless nights of baby wailing. A change of scenery is a baby care tip which is often recommended as it helps soothe the child. Bathing the child also acts as a method of comfort and relaxation just as giving the child familiar toys they can play with.

You may even augment the comfort level of your infant by swaddling them, while at the same time acting gently, without putting in too many layers as this may end up overheating the child.

Curtail teething pains

The baby care tips for easing teething pain suggest chilling the teething rings in the refrigerator to allow the child to suck on them. You may even gently massage the little one’s gums during their teething time. The pains of teething can also be lessened to a certain extent with the help of wet and cold washcloths.

An expert baby care tip or suggestion could be to use gel which is especially helpful throughout the night when babies are more in need of comforting. This should be clubbed with a suitable bedtime routine to prevent baby from staying up for a long time.


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