Adorable Baby Videos to Make You Smile

It takes a parent to understand how endlessly fascinating and adorable a newborn baby can be, and if you’re a new parent, chances are that everything that your little one does, says and learns can be endlessly entertaining for you.

So when we came across this hugely cute video of a little new born baby and the family terrier on CBS who clearly wants to get to know the new arrival a little better, we decided to hunt around for more adorable baby videos. They say that a terrier will never let go, and in this video we see exactly why they do say what they do! Here clearly the baby and the terrier are doing what they each do best!


This video of a small boy getting his finger bitten by his younger brother is a classic and one of the most popular videos to ever feature on Youtube, and when you see it, you realize why! It starts of as a cute little game for the older brother, until ‘Charlie’ decides to turn it on a bit and then has his older brother yelping in pain!


It is amazing how much trouble small babies can get into, frankly they can provide moments of unparallel humor when they have their little falls, and spills and accidents (so long as they don’t hurt them of course).


Something else that is hugely hilarious is when babies try and imitate what they’ve seen their elders do – here’s a baby who making some phone calls and speaking complete gibberish while seeming to make complete sense!



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