6 Great Tips For Natural Baby Care

Pollution is all around us. There are chemicals in the soil, in plants, in manmade products; you name it! Keeping your child protected from harmful chemicals and giving them a natural start in life can be a challenge but here are some tips to help:

1. Use organic clothing, and bedding for your baby

natural baby careNon organic artificial materials contain all sorts of chemicals, and even natural fiber such as cotton, is likely pumped with antibiotics and chemicals to repel pests and increase yield.

Bamboo and hemp that are organically grown can be excellent options for baby clothing.

2. Use fragrance free personal care products

Baby’s skin is brand new and is really sensitive. It is yet to toughen up and be able to take harsh chemicals they way grown up skin can. And so while we use many products for the fragrance (which again is a bunch of chemicals), this is not important for baby.

3. Find baby products such as bottles, teethers etc., which are phthalate free

Baby products should also be free of lead and BPA.

4. Resist the urge to stock up on baby toys

Baby doesn’t need too many and those that you do buy, you should make sure that they are organic. Remember baby will start to put everything into the mouth once able to do so.

5. Breast feed for as long as you can

It is the best start you can personally give your baby; the most wholesome and natural first food in the world for your baby.
Rather than store bought baby food, that would naturally have some form of preservative, prepare the food at home.

Prepare in large quantities, and freeze in an ice tray. Thaw and feed baby the amount required so that you don’t have to make baby food each day and still be sure that the baby food he or she is eating is the healthiest and most natural.

6. Use reusable cloth diapers

There is so much less you will be adding to the landfills this way. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds; it just means an extra load of washing each day and if you have a diaper laundering service close by, not even that!
If you use disposables, consider the flushable variety.

If not available in your neighborhood, try online or in health stores. At the very least use chlorine free diapers; they are better for the environment and your baby’s skin


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