25 Essential Things For Your Baby’s First Aid Kit!

babys first aid kitPreparing the first aid kit for your baby is very essential because the first aid kit is very useful in case of any unexpected injuries to the baby.

Here is the list of essential items that a baby needs in his/her first aid kit:

1. Acetaminophen for your children in liquid form

You can find acetaminophen for your children in both liquid and dropper form. The dosages are different for both the forms. You need to read the labels carefully in order to administer correct dosage.

Don’t try to give aspirin for your baby if you suspect any viral infection, because it has been concerned as one of the causes for Reye syndrome. You can use ibuprofen to reduce the fever. It is better to consult your pediatrician for correct dosage of medications.

2. Essential baby oils and baby lotions. It can be an optional choice.

3. Cream for diaper rash

Clean the diaper area thoroughly and then apply the cream as indicated on the package or as recommended by your pediatrician in order to care for the irritated areas against urination. If you apply the cream without properly cleansing the area, then it can seal the irritants against your baby’s skin.

4. Rubbing alcohol. This can be very helpful for cord care.

5. Nasal aspirator.

6. Ipecac syrup.

This syrup is particularly useful whenever your child swallows potentially poisonous substances. But, don’t use this for your child without your doctor’s prescription.

7. Cotton balls.

Don’t use cotton swabs in cleansing your baby’s ears or skin. Sometimes swabs can cause infection and puncture eardrums.

8. Rectal thermometer.

9. Baby scissors that have rounded points.

10. Petroleum jelly

11. Diaper pail along with a disinfectant. This can be useful if you use a cloth diaper.

12. If you use disposable diapers, then use plastic garbage bags in order to line the diaper pail.

13. Diaper liners are very helpful for you in the early weeks if you launder diapers at home.

14. Baby shampoo.

15. Baby washcloths.

16. Bath towels.

17. Baby brush or comb.

18. A vaporizer, a cool mist type. It is an optional one.

19. Baby soap.

It is better to use liquid soaps, because they are easy to use even with one hand. Use mild or nondrying soaps.

20. Baby wipes, as they can be essential during the travel. But, sometimes they can irritate your baby’s skin, if he/she has very sensitive skin.

21. Baby decongestant for blocked nose. This can be used only for the babies of above 3 months age.

22. Arnica cream for treating bumps and bruises.

23. An oral syringe calibrated with milliliter (ml) markers to measure and administer liquid medicine. Don’t use household spoons to give medications for your infants.

24. Adhesive bandages in different sizes.

25. Saline drops to loosen the mucus in a stuffy nose.


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