5 Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a problem faced by toddlers or infants in the case when their teeth get rotten due to the bacteria that feeds on sugar present in the milk or juice that is fed to them. Tooth rot at such an early age is not at all a healthy thing and can cause tooth erosion, discoloration of tooth and even tooth decay.

This problem generally occurs when babies are put to sleep with bottles in their mouth and this must be prevented as much as possible. The following are the 5 top ways to prevent baby bottle tooth decay:

prevent baby bottle tooth decay

  1. One of the best ways to prevent this issue in toddlers or infants is to clean their teeth regularly. This will help in removing of the bacteria and also prevents the sugar from getting trapped in the gums or the tooth area of children. To do this, brushing of kids’ teeth regularly is important and so is wiping baby’s gum after every feed.
  2. Another way to prevent baby bottle tooth decay is to take the baby to the dentist every once in a while to ensure that he/she is not suffering from any tooth decay issue or is beginning to develop a tooth or gum problem.
  3. Another method to prevent baby bottle tooth decay is to reevaluate the bedtime routines of the baby. You can do this by switching the bottle filled with milk to a bottle filled with water. You can also slowly and gradually take the bottle out of the baby’s mouth when you are sure that he/she has slept. Try and clean the mouth and the gums of the baby in the sleep to avoid sugar from getting trapped in the mouth.
  4. The best way to avoid this problem is to try to wean the baby off completely from a bedtime bottle. If you think that the baby cries when you do not give a bottle at bedtime, then try to feed the baby with the bottle on your own rather than leaving the bottle in his mouth as he goes to sleep.
  5. Using water as the main drink of the bottle is another good idea to prevent tooth decay due to bedtime bottle. Sipping water throughout the day can avoid the risk of sugar getting trapped in the mouth and causing decay. This also helps in getting rid of oral bacteria.

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