Know The Details Of Home Child Care Before Introducing Your Child!

Home child careThe care givers provide the home child care in their home.

You can find the home for child care consisting of infants, pre-school toddlers and the school-aged children in it.

The care givers who use their home for child care get the contract from the licensed agencies.

The care givers who work for the home care agency are screened, monitored and approved by the home visitors.

These agencies and home child care are inspected by the Ministry of Children And Youth Services. This is done in order to make sure whether the Day Nurseries Act is met with their requirements or not.

The home visitors will have the training in family studies, child development and child education. They verify whether the caregivers are following the procedures and the policies of the agencies. The home visitors also help caregivers, including:

  • Giving the advice for the nutritional planning for your child’s meal.
  • Planning the activities for the different developmental stages of your children who are at different stages.
  • Checking whether the home is safe for your child or not.
  • Making sure whether the provincial requirements are met or not.
  • Helping in choosing the equipments and toys that are suitable and safe for your children.

Advantages of this home child care:

  • Children belonging to the same family are placed together
  • Certain standards of care should be met by the caregivers
  • The agency provides the monitoring, assistance and the support
  • The group size should be small.

Introducing your child into the home child care:

  • To adjust to the new child care arrangements, it will take few days for your child. It depends up on your child’s personality, age and stage of development.
  • You need to help your child to adjust to the home care provider or the child care centre.
  • Before sending your child to the care center, you have to tell your child about the people and child care program and the fun they are going to have there.
  • When you visit to the child care, your child should meet the other children and the care giver.

Your child’s first day in the home child care centre:

  • On the first day of your child to the child care, you have to go along with him. You can arrange other person to go along with him, if you can’t go.
  • Ask your child to take his favorite toy along with him to the child care. This can provide him some comfort at the new and strange place.
  • Say good-bye to your child when you are ready to leave. You have to tell your child the time you return; otherwise your child can get upset.
  • You have to leave once saying good-bye, hesitating can cause confusion to your child.
  • You have to pick up your child the time you promised.
  • You have to greet your child warmly. Your child can ignore simply or can be tearful at the end of the day. This becomes normal when your child gets used to the care center.
  • You can increase the time of your child at the care center gradually, as your child becomes comfortable.


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