Beware of Bad Childcare Centres – Know the Signs!

Selecting the right childcare centre is a challenge – not only because you might be completely new to the concept (if it’s you first child) but also there are multitude of such institutions working who give you false promises and can even harm your baby. You need to be picky, careful and very stern about homework before taking the final decision.

It is even heard that many child care centres give sedative to the children mixed in food to keep them asleep for long hours in order to avoid doing their chores. Therefore, consider all the probabilities listed below as signs of a BAD childcare centre –

beware of bad childcare centresNot Very Good Reputation

Getting the right review of a child care centre is not a very easy task. If you ask one family who isn’t happy with them due to some specific personal cause – it would be a biased decision. Try and gather as much as feedbacks possible, from neighbourhood, social media forums, friends and relatives etc. If you do not get a positive feedback from more that 50% of the people then it is better to refrain the idea of sending your kid to this place. If the other parents do not give you any overwhelming response, just keep looking for a better one.

No Discipline

Loose rules and regulations are the biggest sign of mismanagement – child care centres are no exceptions. Check with the other parents if the staffs follow the established guidelines. Especially the opening and closing timing, handling emergencies, feeding and other timings for the kid’s regime etc should be noted. Ask the owner for a written copy of their policies; if they can’t give you one then its something to worry!

Unsanitary Conditions

Child care centres should have clean and hygienic environment as there will be numerous children playing and learning there. With so many kids around, cluttered and messy rooms are quite expected at the end of the day. But, unsanitary conditions like overflowing garbage bins or used diapers thrown here and there, dirty food spills at corners and smelly, dirty bathrooms are the signs of unmanaged childcare centre.

No Proper Schedule and Curriculum

When you are keeping your kid in a child care centre for the entire day; of course proper schedule and discipline is needed. Kids will eventually get dependable on the routine they are living every day; if the child care centre is unorganized and there is no proper curriculum it is definitely a bad childcare centre.

Incompetent Staff

The employees of childcare centre should be properly educated and learned about how to manage children and take care of the kids with love and patience. They should have proper ID cards and their background checking should be authentic and evidences should be in paper with the management. Training should also be given to these staffs. If you interact with few you will surely understand if these factors are followed or not.

The child care centres should be just the perfect second home to your child, therefore checking these particulars are very important to stay away from bad child care centres.


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