What to Look for in a Baby Daycare Center?

Just because your friends or relatives recommend a baby daycare provider doesn’t mean that the care center will be the perfect match for you and your baby. In order to get an idea of what the facility is like, you need to visit it.

Day Care Centre Guide

Note that the first visit should be an impromptu one, in other words it should be a surprise visit.

First visit should be short and sweet. If you like the environment over there later set an appointment to know deep about the daycare.

However, there are various questions you need to ask and things you need to look for, such as:

  • Ask for the ratio of care providers and children in the daycare, whether the care providers are enough to give much attention to all the children or not.
  • Ask about the qualifications of care providers. Though it is okay to have some helpers who are not certified, it is essential that the main care providers should have early childhood degree.
  • Look whether the care center is clean or not. Local health department will give a numbered rating for every daycare, so look at that sheet and be careful about any violations marked on it.
  • Look at the schedule that they are following. Usually, babies thrive on schedules, so it is essential that daycare centers should include schedules into the daily activities.
  • Observe the staff carefully on how they listen to your needs and wants for your children.
  • Look at the activities in which your children are going to participate. Look whether there are enough books, toys, and playground equipment for your children to use.
  • Observe the areas where your children are going to eat and sleep. Eating areas should be clean and there should be sufficient cots and baby beds to sleep.
  • Observe how the staff is going to interact with your children. Look whether your children look happy and adjusted well in that environment.

Staff should show quick response for the children who are feeling hungry, crying or upset.


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