Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Care Centre

Sometimes after the birth of baby, parents get confused whether to choose their work or stay home with child. If you decide to continue work then probably your choice gets extended to baby day-care centres. However, there are many pros and cons to this decision.

Baby care centres not only look after your child in your absence, but they also prepare the child to grow self sufficient. Children are given colours, anatomy, various shapes to build up their skills of reading and writing. Your child gets opportunity to socialized, observe manners, resolve conflicts and also how to share. This article will inform you both about the advantages and disadvantages of baby care centres that might help you to take the right decision

baby care center advantages

Advantages of Baby Care Centre

  • Baby care centres provide a learning environment to the child.
  • It is less expensive than hiring babysitters at your home.
  • Other than babies, the parents also get to know many more parents and share their similar issues, thereby helping each other in tough times.
  • Baby care centres have many staffs to take care of your baby, so absence of any one will not disturb your schedule. Whereas if the babysitters takes leave, you might have to stay back home.
  • Most of the staffs of baby care centre have taken training and education from childhood development and education courses which assist them to monitor your child’s progress expertly.
  • Baby care centres open up opportunities to your child for reading and writing skills through various tools, which might not always be possible at home.

Disadvantages of Baby Care Centre

  • Some baby care centres are very expensive and would take away half of your salary, so in that case hiring a babysitter at home or you quitting the job would be profitable.
  • Baby care centres have many kids in one space, this invites various kinds of infections and germs to which your child will be exposed regularly and might fall sick.
  • If your office timing is irregular, then you will have to opt for pick up and drop facilities from the baby care centre, which calls for extra charges again. Moreover, these centres remain closed in holiday seasons, thus even if you have office then, you will have to make some other arrangement.
  • Many baby care centres will refuse to keep your child if he /she is ill. This can hamper your daily agenda.
  • This is a known fact that your child will not get individual attention at baby care centre like you can give the little one at home.

You should first check the prospect of the baby care centre if you are determined to take the advantages of it.Considering all the aforesaid point, you should go ahead with your decision wisely.

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