7 Things To Watch Out For When Choosing A Day Care Center

baby care centerWhen choosing a day care center for your child, look for the following things:

  1. The right care-giver child ratio – when it’s newborns up to one year of age, the ratio should ideally be 3:1 with a maximum group size of 6. And up to age three, this ratio should not exceed 5:1.
  2. Look for a center with a good reputation. If required speak to other parents to get an idea.
  3. Hygiene is something that is very important when a bunch of young children are going to be in the same place for hours on end. So look properly and ask plenty of questions.
  4. Safety features are another important thing to look for. Proper ventilation, requisite childproofing, emergency plan and first aid are issues that are very important to ask about.
  5. Appropriate licenses and insurances should all be current.
  6. Look at the list of activities and schedules to see any educative or developmental value of it.
  7. Rules and regulations of the establishment are also worth scrutiny – how for instance does they deal with issues relating to discipline? What is their policy regarding sick kids? How much if any TV will be allowed?


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