Tips to Buy A Convertible Cot For Your Newborn

If there is one kind of baby bed that makes the most practical sense to buy for a new born baby, it would have to be the convertible cot or convertible crib.

A bassinet can be quite futile since a baby will outgrow it in a few months, a regular crib is something that will be outgrown as soon as baby learns to get out of it, and you will need a new bed for your active toddler.

convertible cot for newbornA convertible cot such as this one on Amazon, however can work for a small baby, a toddler, an older child all the way up to the time that your child becomes a teen!

The same item will work for your child until he or she is fully grown so it makes practical and economic sense. This is because the 4 level mattress spring system adjusts to your child’s growth and ultimately converts to a full sized bed.

If a convertible crib is what you’re aiming for then keep the following in mind when selecting the right one to buy:

  • Check to see that the child cannot get his head in between the slats. He should not be able to get his head into any opening or part of the crib. This can be painful and tragic for the baby as well as the child.
  • Also the slats or supports should not be so close together that child can get his finger or hand caught up in it.
  • The material used for the crib should be sturdy and hard enough to be inflexible, so that they cannot be pushed aside or bent by the child. And don’t underestimate the baby’s strength either!
  • Check the piece over thoroughly to see how sturdily built the cot is. The baby may be small and defenseless looking now, but soon that little cot will be subject to a lot of rough treatment. Also if you are looking to have the bed last for many years until the baby is all grown up then it needs to be able to tide over several years of rough use.
  • The bed should have no rough or sharp edges, which could strike the child and end up causing an injury. Run your hands over all the surfaces and edges of the cot, to see for any uneven or sharp corners which may pinch.
  • The bed should be low enough that when your baby is a toddler, she is able to get in and out by herself without any danger of falling.


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